#Somalia: An Al Shabab killed while planting roadside bombs

By : BURUNGA NEWS , Friday 4 October 2019  à 10 : 23 : 19

Somalia’s Al Quaeda linked terror group Al Shabab agent was killed while planting Improvised Explosive Devices on the road to Bal’ad town where 11 AU soldiers from Burundi were killed last month, according to intelligence sources cited by Intelligence Briefs.

“Military assets from the area reported that the IED expert linked to Al-Shabaab was shot and killed as he burying landmines outside the area Gololey 10km from the town on a major road frequently used by security forces”, Intelligence Briefs story reads.

After search on his body, sources say that the agent was carrying a pistol in his pocket, but did not get the time to use to defend while he was seen by loyalists.

The terror group, these last days targeted a group of parliamentarians who were travelling along Jowhar and Bal’ad road.

Note that Burundi soldiers serving under AU banner in AMISOM in Somalia are stationed in Jowhar, from where they control nearby villages.